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7 Ways To Burglar-Proof Your Home In A Bad Neighborhood

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Top Ways To Burglar-Proof Your Home In A Bad Neighborhood

You can never really tell if you’ve bought a house in the middle of a bad neighborhood unless you move in. When it turns out that your neighborhood has security issues, the first reaction is to worry about the safety of the entire family. A security breach in your home, the place where you should feel safe and secure, can traumatize the entire household.

Whether it is a simple burglary or a robbery with other ulterior motives, we should not allow any window of opportunity for perpetrators to invade our homes. Criminals look for easy targets and those with valuable possession. Whether you live in a peaceful community or in an area with rising crime rates, there are some best practices you can do to burglar-proof your home.

Of course an excellent deterrent is to install a house alarm throughout your entire house and surrounding property. But that can become very expensive to install AND can carry a hefty monthly subscription. We’ve put together some excellent less expensive – yet very effective – methods of protecting your family and your home from burglary and theft. SellAnyHouse Dallas also has more tips on how to stay safe in a bad neighborhood.

Install Motion-Sensor Lights

We Buy Houses DallasWith a motion-sensor outdoor light, you will never have to worry about walking on a dim pathway, a dark backyard, or a busted lamp post in front of your house. Any movement within its covered radius will trigger it to turn on automatically.

And the best thing about these types of lights is that it scares burglars away. They wouldn’t want to be seen sneaking around your house. Find out which type is best for your home and install some right away.

Hide Spare Keys Somewhere Else

Spare keys are helpful and a lifesaver. Hiding them under the doormat, on the door frame, or under a potted plant makes it too easy for anyone to find it and enter the house without authorization. It would be best to leave the spare key to a trusted neighbor or a good friend who lives nearby. If this isn’t an option, hide it somewhere else around your house where no one could see you taking out the keys.

Neighborhood Watch Group

A community that works together to keep the peace and safety for everyone is a big help in keeping your house secured. Find out if there is an active neighborhood watch group and get involved. Help out and do your part as a member of the community.

Take Your Vacation Off Social Media

Vacationing with your family creates fun and memorable memories, and the threat of burglary shouldn’t stop you from going. However, you need to be cautious about what you post on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms. If possible, don’t post pictures right after taking them, and avoid naming the place where you are staying or any indicator of your current location.

Automatic Timers

Modern technology never fails to make our lives easier. If you need to stay away for a while or go on a trip, automatic timers are of great help. You can set a time for the lights to automatically turn on and off at night to create an illusion that the house is occupied.

When you do not have this functionality in your home, kindly ask a trusted neighbor or friend to light up the house for a few hours at night. Or read more about automatic timers for lights in this page.

Shave Off Some Shrubs

Tall, decorative hedges in your front lawn can provide more privacy. But this gives burglars a haven to conceal themselves when they are about to break in. Cut down some of those shrubs gives enough clearing so no one can hide in them without being noticed.

Cancel Automatic Mails And Subscriptions

Going paperless on your monthly bills helps you save more trees and doesn’t give away your long absence. Monthly mail and catalog/magazine/newspaper subscriptions attract thieves’ attention when they start to pile up in and around your mailbox. If possible, go paperless, or temporarily pause delivery (if you will be away for months). Or even ask your closest neighbor to pick them up for you while you are gone.

Protect Your Household

When there is an alarming rate of burglary and other forms of criminal activity in your community, it is only natural to feel unsafe. Real estate agents from SellAnyHouse Dallas have bought houses from homeowners who no longer feel safe in their own homes. We understand the weight these families have to shoulder because the peacefulness is slipping away.

Bad neighborhoods, bad tenants, undesirable locations, low home values – all these and more, we buy houses in Dallas from families in dire need of a fast and reliable process. If there is an urgency to get away from a bad neighborhood, talk to us and learn more about how we can buy houses in as fast as 5 days.

Visit the SellAnyHouse Dallas page anytime for helpful tips on the most common housing-related issues.

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